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Who is The Best Small Business Attorney in New York?

The question posed by the topic of this article is “who is the best small business attorney in New York?” The simple answer is, there is no “best small business lawyer in New York.” This is basically because it is virtually impossible to qualify a service as being the “best” from a number of similar services.

While there are several factors that can be considered and used in judging an attorney or law firm as having the “highest” or the “most,” this does not apply to any “qualitative” feature such as “best”.  For example, a lawyer can be said to have the “highest” number of successful litigations among his or her peers. Or alternatively, it can be said that a lawyer has secured the “most” or the “largest” amount of awarded settlement in a litigation case. This is because these are both quantitative factors that can be counted to determine who has come tops. On the other hand, qualitative factors, such as who is the best, for which there are no objective methods of coming to a verifiable conclusion does not come into play.

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Having said that, the question that an individual who is looking to secure the services of an attorney should be asking is not so much who is the best small business attorney in New York City, but rather, how and where can I find the best small business lawyer in New York that is right for me and my small business?

So How Exactly Do I Find The Best Small Business Attorney For My Small Business?

So while the same qualitative adjective of “best” is still being used in the latter question, in this case the qualitative nature of the question has been nullified with the inclusion of the words “how” and/or “where.” As well as the words “for me.” In other words, the question is not looking for the “best attorney,” generally speaking, but rather for the attorney that is ‘best fit’ for me and the specific purpose for which I need him or her for.

So, how does one go about finding an attorney that is best fit for him or her and the purposes that they are needed for? There are of course a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration in determining this.

Some of them are:

What Do I Need This Attorney  For?

One of the most important of these is, what exactly do you need a lawyer for? This of course will help you narrow down your search for the lawyer and will point you in the right direction of where the search should begin. Next comes the question of how long you would want to engage the services of this lawyer. Will you be using their services on an ad hoc basis, or is it going to be on a long term basis, such as requiring a monthly retainer, in which case an alternative legal billing option might be better suited.

Do I Choose a Small Business Attorney Near Me?

Yet another factor to consider, is whether it is preferable to work with a local small business attorney, or rather one that has a national, or at least, a national or multi-location footprint. With each option having its own merits and demerits. More often than not, a local attorney might be preferable to a big time, national attorney, though this is not set in stone. As the above article that was referred to states, it always depends on the specifics of the situation.

What is The Small Business Attorney Fees?

Perhaps over and above all of the previously mentioned things to consider, is the issue of cost. The best attorney for you will obviously not be best for you if you cannot afford his or her services. Therefore, the best small business lawyer in New York City for you must logically be one whom you can afford to pay for their services.

Does This Small Business Attorney Offer Free Consultation?

One very important development that has taken place, and which seems to be an established practice in the legal industry, is the practice of offering a free initial legal consultation. This can be very helpful to the business owner who is on the hunt for the right business lawyer for him or her, and who is very likely to speak to several attorneys until he or she comes to a decision on which lawyer to go with.

If this individual faced a situation where an initial consultation fee needed to be paid to each lawyer that was spoken to or interviewed, this is very likely to limit the number of lawyers or law firms the individual would be willing to interview, in a bid to cut down on the consultation costs that is sure to rack up the overall legal bill at the end of the day, including the bill that will be received for the legal service provided at the end of the day.

There are of course several other things that must be considered, but suffice to say that once the above mentioned factors have been taking into consideration in finding a lawyer, then it is safe to say that the said lawyer, can potentially lay claim to being the (one of the) best small business attorney for you and your specific situation.

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