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Startup law is arguably the youngest area of law that came into existence sometime between the mid nineties till the early two thousands, during the dot-com era. While still in it’s infancy, the startup industry has without a doubt created some huge and immensely influential companies and the potential for many more such companies being birthed exist.

It is exactly this power, influence and potential that makes the role of a startup lawyer equally important in the scheme of things. Whether a startup is going to end up being a large multi-national, or a small-time player in their industry will never be known before-hand. What however is certain, is that the founders and early stakeholders of any startup need to be protected on a number of fronts.

This is exactly the protection that our law firm can offer you.

Besides being seasoned business lawyers, we also have extensive experience in the startup world, not only from following all the developments in the industry from the business point of view, but also from the legal point of view. Some of our staff have also at some point been startup founders and/or co-founders.

An inexhaustive list of some of the services we can offer you are as follows:

  • Advice on startup structure and formation.
  • Incorporating or registering your startup
  • Drafting of a shareholders’ agreement and MOI.
  • Drafting of Employee contracts
  • Formulating a strong corporate governance foundation
  • IP Protection (including patents, copyrights, licenses and trademarks.)

And a whole list of others.