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Contract Lawyer

contract lawyer
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A contract can be defined as a promise or set of promises that are entered into by two or more parties, which are enforceable under the law and, if violated, permits the injured party to seek legal redress in a court of law. It is an almost certainty that anyone who is engaged in any form or type of business will at one point or another enter into a contractual relationship with other entities. The uncertain nature of business and human beings also means that there is always a possibility that one party to a contract will breach it.

This is where our law firm comes in.

Because of our deep understanding of business law, we are able to help you in any one of the following ways:

  • Contract Drafting: Contracts are sacred and it is no wonder why their sanctity is very often fiercely defended by the law courts. Violating or breaching the terms of a contract, whether they be minor or material breaches, can often have dire consequences for your business. Which is why you should always contact a qualified contract attorney to draft any contract document you intend on giving someone to sign.
  • Contract Review: In the same way that your business will sometimes need to create contractual documents that will be signed by others, so also, oftentimes your business will need to sign contracts that have been created by others. Similar to the contract drafting function, we can also help your business review any contracts that you need to sign in the course of entering into business relationships.
  • Breach of Contract Disputes: Despite how properly crafted any contractual terms are, you can almost always assume that someone where will likely breach them. And when that happens, perhaps your only remedy is to take the defaulter to court. which is where we come in.
  • Contractual Disputes: Parties to a contract can sometimes have a dispute arising from the application of the terms of the contract, even when it does not include any clear-cut breach. Our contract lawyers are also skilled contract litigation attorneys and are able to represent your interests in the said dispute. Whether the case goes before a court of law, or any other non-court mediation.

With our vast experience in handling all manner of contracts, we are certain that we can handle whatever contractual issues your business is facing, in whatever industry. You Simply need to get in touch with one of us to speak to one of our NYC contract lawyers to hear how we can help you.