Business & Corporate Lawyer

Business & Corporate Lawyer

Business & Corporate Lawyer
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We were (serial) business owners long before we became business lawyers. It is this marriage of law and business that makes us the perfect candidate to represent you in whatever business matter you may be facing. From the mom and pop store, small and large business, all the way to large corporations, not-for-profit companies, startups and entrepreneurs.

We are able to provide the right legal counsel for whatever your business’s needs are, and in whatever your business lifecycle is: whether in the formation, operation, growth or merger & acquisition stage.

While not exhaustive, some of the things we can help you with includes:

  • Business Formation: We start by enlightening you on what options are available to you to get your business incorporated and off the ground, providing you with all the features of each type of business entity, of which there are LLC’s, Corporations and professional entities.
    • Corporation: Consists of two main types- C-Corporation and S-Corporation. Both of which offer different features and suitability depending on specific purpose you are forming the company.
    • LLC: A limited liability company structure that allows for the combination of a pass-through taxation of either a sole proprietor, partnership or the limited liability of a corporation.
    • Professional Entity: Which often carries the acronym PLLC, which basically refers to professional services which often requires the holder to be licensed by the respective state the business will operate on. This can include lawyers, doctors and the likes.
  • Business Operations: Once your business is up and running, you are certain to run into situations in the course of your daily operations that will require the input of a business lawyer. From hiring employees, electing directors or board members, registering and protecting your copyright and Intellectual Property (IP,) all the way to taking on outside investors. We are able to step in at any point in time to provide whatever legal assistance you need.
  • Corporate Counsel: For times when you want access to a legal team who is working round the clock to support all your business decisions from a legal stand-point, you can count on us to provide your business with our in-house counsel.
  • Company Sale: From a sale of assets to sale of stocks, we are able to advice you on the best way to go about it, as well as advising you on potential pitfalls to avoid.
  • Contract Agreements: It is almost inevitable that from time to time, your business will need to enter into contractual relationships with external parties. However, because of the important nature of contracts, it is imperative that before you sign any contact, you get a business contract lawyer to scrutinize that contract, to greatly reduce the possibility of you falling afoul of the terms and potentially being sued for a breach of contract.

In  addition to all the above, we are also able to help you with any of the following:

  • Commercial leases & Sub-leases
  • General Counsel
  • Business Divorce
  • Business Dissolution
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Structuring
  • Business Arbitration
  • Business Advice

If you’d like to speak to any one of our business & corporate lawyers, or want more information about any of the above-mentioned services that we offer, or if there is something you need that isn’t mentioned above, do feel free to get in touch with us and ask, just in case we are able to accommodate you, or otherwise refer you to any one of our lawyer networks.