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Top Marketing Tips for New York Small Business Attorneys

The most important thing that New York Small business attorneys need to do in order to grow their law practice, is to ensure that they have a robust and effective marketing strategy in place for their business. This is of course, is in addition to providing top quality legal services and providing excellent customer service, both of which is guaranteed to help the law firm grow their client base as well as possibly retain existing clients. These things and more is what will very likely lead to an increase in the revenue base of such a law firm.

So how can a small business attorney effectively market their firm?

 top marketing tips for New York small business attorneys

The following are the top marketing tips for New York small business attorneys:

  • Create a website

The first thing to do is to come up with a website for your law firm. In this day and age of the internet, where nine of out ten times, that is the resource people turn to whenever they are looking for any specific information, any law firm that does not have its own high quality website is not yet ready for business. However, owning a (high quality) website is often not enough. Such a website needs to ensure that it provides valuable information that the user might possibly be looking for,  as well as making sure it provides other helpful information showcasing what the law firm does, areas of expertise, and niche, and any other such information. State all of these clearly especially if you offer more than one service.

Also, do not forget to add free resources such as helpful links and eBooks if you do have any. Most people will be attracted by this and at some point; they may seek your services. You can also add videos on your webpage.

  • Consider utilizing the power of social media

Do not rely solely on your website to reach your potential clients. Consider using other avenues such social media websites such as twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Even something as simple as blogging can have tremendous in putting your law firm in front of people who might be looking to use your lawyer services. You might not necessarily want to use all these resources. Selecting just one or two of them that seem to hold the most potential is good enough  to get the job done.

  • Specialize in only one type of law

As an attorney, avoid being a general practitioner and specialize in one area of law. Perhaps a few select areas. For instance, you might choose to be an immigration lawyer, or even a family lawyer. Most potential clients, when looking for a lawyer usually have a specific issue, hence, they tend to trust an attorney who specializes in that specific discipline, unlike a general practitioner.

Choosing a specific law type also offers you a great way to compete with other larger firms that practice general services.

  • Use Referrals

A referral is a highly effective way of acquiring more clients. Your relationship with your pre-existing clients can take you many miles further. How do you treat your clients? What has your customer service to them been like? If they are satisfied with your incredible services, they are more likely to refer others to you.

You can also use other professional firms as a referral source. By referring clients that need certain legal services to a professional firm, the firm will in turn refer clients that need assistance in your area of expertise.

Another way you can you can get a referral is through your friends, such as bankers, investment brokers or even your old schoolmates from law school. Blogging also enables you to acquire more clients. In order for a referral to work, it takes certain degree of trust between parties.

  • Participate locally

Ensure you have attended local business conferences and speak about your expertise level in legal matters. Provide some measure of, or limited pro-bono legal services to your local community, participate in any local community activities that for which your legal background will help add value to whatever cause the community s trying to achieve.

You can even offer to write articles about your firm’s expertise in the local newspaper or even comment on legal issues in other legal blogs. All of these things will, over time, paint a picture of you and your law firm as authority figures in the areas of law that you are known to be associated with, and whenever any member of the local community has a legal issue, your name, or your law firms name is likely to be the first to come to mind, and they will consequently get in touch with you.

  • Advertising

Advertising in local publications can also be an effective method to reach potential clients. While the generally accepted means with which people use to find information is via the internet, there still are a lot of people who buy and read print newspapers and magazines. In addition to any digital marketing initiatives that you engage in, consider advertising in offline publications to reach more people, who might otherwise not get to see your digital marketing information.

Is there any top marketing tips for New York small business attorneys that we have left out that you know about? As we know there are many more unique and effective marketing methods that a law firm can employ. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of any such marketing methods you employ in your law firm.

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