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We are always ready to help you find a resolution to whatever challenges you may
be facing in your business. At such we are only a phone call or e-mail away and
are ready to leave everything at the drop of a hat to listen to you.

Therefore, if you need to speak to any of our business attorneys, the best and
easiest way to do so is by giving us a call on (917) 456-8625, or alternatively,
fill out the form below on the right side of this page and one of our attorneys
will be in touch shortly.

Our Offices (By Appointment Only):

Bronx Location:

Small Business Attorney NYC
Address: 1451 West Avenue Suite 7034, Bronx New York City,
NY 10462
Tel: 917-456-8625
Fax: (214)528-6699

Manhattan Location:

Small Business Attorney NYC

115 E 23rd St. 3rd Floor, Suite 1523 
New York, NY 10010
Tel: (646) 793-9660
Fax: (214)528-6699