Author: Tony

Things a Business Owner Must Do Before Signing a Contract

When two or more persons or parties sign a voluntary and legally-binding document containing all the relevant terms and conditions of carrying out certain activities for business purposes, this is called a business contract. Both signing parties are legally bound to follow these terms and conditions, violation of which could potentially incur certain penalties imposed […]

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What Does a Business Achieve Through Incorporation?

Establishing as a corporate entity and achieving your goals and objectives is a dream of almost all entrepreneurs. However, incorporating a business; whether it’s a corporation or limited liability corporation (LLC) has many advantages such as protecting the business owner’s personal assets and many more. If you’re not sure whether you should form a business […]

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The Ever Increasing Importance of Digital Marketing In The Legal Industry

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services via one or more forms of electronic media. One of the reasons why digital marketing is gaining increasing popularity and importance over traditional marketing, is the targeted nature of digital or internet marketing over traditional marketing channels. The fact that, much more often than not, when […]

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